Update: Yes! We have maid it! 100% But this is just first step. Hardest is waiting for results, more and more till we will aproach the date of surgery Thanks!

Hi, hope you are doing well.

I am not only the author of MockK, but I am as well a father of kid with cerebral palsy.

Despite the fact, that she is smiling very cheerful on photographies, her condition is quite severe. There is basically no abilities available for her and we have a problem even with feeding her.

We decided to give a try for a stem cell therapy and need to collect some amount of money that we are not able to collect as a family.

So if you would like to support us, please donate via this link: https://salveazaoinima.ro/en/campaigns/maria-pilipenco/ (Donate online for the Open Campaign for Mariia Pylypenko)

As well we do have a blog: link

Remember: even small amount make the difference if it is done by 1000x people.

Thank you!